Dec 302009

Surfing Books are one of the most essential tools to introduce a child to the magic of surfing. At their age, children are attracted to colors and motions. Thus children who have either accompanied their parents to a surfing trip or watched the sport of surfing on television are naturally attracted to this activity.

In order to step-up their interest in this activity, it is best to gift children with surfing books that are written specially according to their needs. These books contain all the basic information relating to the ocean and surfing in the form of stories and cartoons, thus making it easily comprehendible for them. These children books are an ideal gift to children whose parents are themselves enthusiastic about surfing.

One of the main advantages of these kids books is that they impart knowledge about the ocean in a story and picture format. Ocean is a fascinating place for kids, but what they are not aware of is the fact that it can turn dangerous the moment they become careless. Thus having the basic knowledge bout the ocean and its dangers enables children to use care and precaution while enjoying the ocean.

Harry the bear is one cartoon character that has become quite famous through these children books. Harry the bear is a fictional character who can surf and skateboard. Different editions of his books depict him being involved in some situation and the way he gets out of that situation using his logical and systematic thinking. Thus, Harry the bear has captured the imagination of numerous children all over the world. He has imparted basic safety techniques to follow while playing in the ocean, thus enabling children to act in a safe manner.

Apart from informing children about ocean safety, these kids books also conveys messages regarding friendship, team building, mutual respect, etc thus assisting in the overall growth of the child.

It is due to the above mentioned reasons why these surfing books have become a popular gift to children. Not only children, even the parents enjoy reading these books due to their simple and precise nature. Reading these books together creates greater bonding between parents and children and enables them to go surfing together. These children books are easily available at major book shops. They are even available with numerous online book stores, who can deliver these books to your doorsteps, thus making it easy and convenient for you to enjoy them.

Dec 302009

The most violent element in the society is ignorance. A little learning is a dangerous thing, but a lot of ignorance is jut as bad. To sustain in this competitive world a person should be well versed in every topic. Kids are the innocent beings who are unaware of the harsh realities of life. As such, elders should cultivate the reading habits among the kids. Reading books can help them to understand the good and right values of life as there is a popular saying “ the larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” This habit can help to develop the curiosity to unroll the mysteries of the world. Moreover, constant reading can help to develop their vocabulary and enhance their language skills.

Children’s books are usually written in simple language and have lots of animated characters to attract the kids. They often relate fantastic and imaginative stories. Most of these book have a child character so that the kid reader can relate to it. Various popular books such as Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs etc are the fairy tales which slowly and steadily incite the curiosity of the readers and readily indulge them in the reading process. Moreover, encyclopedia’s are also written for children in simple language. These books help the kids to know more about the people residing in various part of the globe, the habitation of the natives and various other such things. The science books assist the kids to undertake simple tests and experiments to satisfy their curiosity. Thus, they help to excite the imagination and creativity among the children.

The childrens books are very informative and are written in such a manner that they are easily understood by the kids. It can even nurture and expand their accumulated knowledge. Reading books of various genre can help to enhance the capability of a kid to express herself of himself in a more better manner. As such it is very necessary to select the children books very wisely. The parents should understand the likes and dislikes of their kids before purchasing any book. Though various genre of books are available these days, it is wise to select the best books to nurture the capability and creativity of the kids. One can even log into the online stores to purchase the best books for their children. These stores offers books from every genre to provide optimum satisfaction to the customers.

Dec 282009

25 October 2007 – Ricky Gervais explains why he thinks reading as a child is important.

Dec 282009

Children are usually very restless; as such, to imbibe any kind of knowledge in them, books should be carefully chosen. Kids can be taught by providing them exciting and adventurous gadgets and books for entertainment. As knowledge forms the basic personality and attitude of a person and helps him to face any competition with confidence, the habit of reading books should be cultivated during the tender age.

To solve this problem, Children Books are written which are used to entertain and educate the children at ease. However, if a certain lesson requires to be taught to the kids, they have to be presented to them in an exciting and interactive manner. Any book which possesses interesting plots and amazing characters would automatically raise the curiosity of the reader.

It is a fact that children would fail to react or respond on serious and complex subjects. As such to incorporate reading habits in them, children’s books should contain astounding illustrations and fun filled plots and subjects. These special books are depicted to suit the tastes and interest of the kids. One can find books on various topics and genres also. Children have weird imagination and have lot of queries during their peak developmental age.

The exciting stories in these books help to tame them and their curiosity by satisfying their fantasy thirst and permit them to wander in their imaginative world. These books are often illustrated with crispy pictures and animated subjects. From these books they learn the basics such as alphabets, numerals and various other things too. These story books can also be categorised under various genres such as traditional story books, fictional books, informational and early age books etc.

The children’s books are basically written to teach the nursery rhymes to the kids and reveal various amazing fantasies to the kids. The fairy tales and the adventure stories have always been popular among the kids. Story books such as Snow White and Ugly Duckling etc have remained popular till today. Various fictional stories like Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver’s Travels have attracted the kids since ages.

These books help the kids to learn more about this amazing world, people residing in various parts of the continent and various things, which steadily enhance their knowledge bank. To gain knowledge is a never ending process and as such it is always a good option to imbibe this habit from early age. This habit would automatically enhance the vocabulary of the readers and enrich their expression skills.

Dec 262009

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Dec 242009

Bloom County creator Berkeley Breathed talks about his books for children, including a Wish for Wings that Work, Red Ranger Came Calling, and Mars Needs Moms. He also talks about the motion capture animated movie adapted from Mars Needs Moms, starring Seth Green and Joan Cusack. (sorry it’s so dark. but he wanted the lights low. what matters most is hearing what he has to say and the images he shares on screen)

Dec 222009

Best bets for kid’s books this week, featuring Maze of Bones. Hosted by Carrie Wheadon, Senior Editor for Common Sense Media.

Dec 222009

I don’t have a local libary with books in english. The few websites I have found don’t have a large selection of childrens books.

Dec 202009

Kids books are able to capture the imagination of children due to the fact that they are written and designed specifically according to the needs and requirements of young minds. These books contain colorful pictures, attractive designs and short sentences to grab and hold the attention of young children. Moreover, these kids books are widely used by parents to teach children about new activities so that they can learn in a fun manner.

One such educating series of books has been surfing books. These books educate children about the magnificent sport of surfing, along with entertaining them with colorful pictures of the ocean and exciting stories of fictional characters such as Harry the Bear. Surfing books contain a brief history of this sport along with all the basic details that small children can easily comprehend.

Generally, the sentences in these surfing books are kept short and precise to hold the attention of children. These books are written in a easy to understand language so that the children read them with their full attention span and are able to comprehend the message that is being conveyed by these books.

Books, like skateboarding books, broaden the awareness of little children and inspire them to take part in outdoor activities like skateboarding and surfing. Along with inspiring them, these books also make them aware of the different situations that can be encountered during these outdoor activities, and the dangers associated with a little negligence. All these information is imparted through captivation artwork and an enthralling story to ensure fun while learning.

Along with safety, books like skateboarding books also impart a message towards team building and friendship to the kids. The fictional characters in these books are depicted to be involved in different situations and are shown to get out of those situations by using a systematic and proper manner. This ensures that the children are aware of all the intricacies regarding a particular out door activity.

Thus we can see that these kids books are a great asset, not only for the child but for the parents as well. Reading and enjoying these books together ensures that there is a special time during the day when the parent and child share a healthy interaction. Moreover, parents are assured that their child is aware of the basics of an outdoor activity, thus they don’t have to be too concerned regarding keeping their child safe and secure during the sporting activity.

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