Nov 282011

Button Sound Bookstore presents to you a new collection of Interactive Play-a-Sound Microphone Books. If your Child likes to perform and sing, these books will be GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT! Play-a-sound book list, including the following titles:

Nov 262011

Chris Haughton won the Eilis Dillon Award and The Bisto Childrens Book of the Year in Dublin 16th May 2011. This is the first time and author or illustrator has won both award

Nov 242011

Shorter video. What? No Bananas? is a children’s picture book written by Kaushik Viswanath and illustrated by Shilpa Ranade and is published by Hogs Back Books (ISBN 9781907432064). You can look inside the book on Google and Amazon. Find out more at

Nov 222011

This podcast will give you an introduction to the Database of Award-Winning Children’s Literature, or DAWCL. Original release date: 4/11/2009

Nov 202011

Across the Story Bridge is the theme for the 2010 Children’s Book Council of Australias National biennial conference. This promotional DVD invites all those who are passionate about the children’s and young adult’s book industry to join us in Brisbane from April 29 to May 2 to celebrate how stories bridge cultures, ideas and people.

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Nov 162011

Simms Taback, childrens book author/illustrator and Caldecott Medal recipient (Joseph Had A Little Overcoat), talks about creating the Caldecott Honor-winning book There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly. Adapted from the lyrics of the famous folk rhyme of the same name, Taback uses die-cuts and his legendary sense of color, design and lyricism to create this masterpiece of childrens literature. DVD by Weston Woods (Scholastic). THIS VIDEO REPRODUCED BY PERMISSION. DO NOT DISABLE.

Nov 122011

Ollie is a Giggling Books children’s story about a little oyster who longs to play with his friends, but because of physical limitations cannot get around on his own. Ollie is full of self-pity and anger for not having any arms or legs (fins) with which to swim as all of his pals have, and because he disobeys his parents, he gets himself into a very dangerous, “pearl-less” situation in which he almost loses his life to a very bad sea creature. Ollie’s rescue requires the participation of the entire community of Sea City. is a children’s book company promoting the best illustrated childrens books with great morals. Their tag line is “noble values for young minds.” What our children need are more great children’s books that instill the better values in our children. All of books are well written by James Darrough and fully illustrated by award winning illustrator James Carpenter.

Nov 102011

Ride for Reading is a non profit group that facilitates the donation and delivery of books by bicycle. Matthew Portell has put this race on for the past two years, and it has been fantasic. Go to and volunteer and/or donate today!

Nov 082011

Quick run through of some famous inventors and scientists who improved our life styles. There are thousands of more inventors/scientists who improved the human conditon.

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